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Founded in 1995 by Denis Supersac, former SAP consultantTM at SAP AGTM, Software Translations is a translation company specialising in multilingual project management for the implementation of SAP systemsTM and other enterprise software packages.

550 translators specialising in SAPTM, OracleTM, PeopleSoftTM, BaanTM, JD EdwardsTM, over 50 million words translated in 20 languages, impeccable translation quality, low, competitive pricing, IT translators working on your premises: these are just some of the services that Software Translations offers for the international operations of any enterprise deploying SAP R/3 systemsTM.

Here is a small sample of our customers: to join this growing list, please provide us with details of your SAP R/3TM translation project.

On request, we will be pleased to send you references of SAP usersTM as well as contact details of project managers who will vouch for the quality of our translations.

Enjoy your visit to our site!

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