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Denis Supersac

Chief Executive Officer

Post-graduate diploma in German at the University of Nantes (France), translator/interpreter, former in-house translator at SAPTM in Walldorf, Germany from 1987 to 1992, trainer and consultant (financial applications) at SAP FranceTM, Denis SUPERSAC is the founder of SOFTWARE TRANSLATIONS. His SAP translation experienceTM embraces user and system documentation in ALL COMPONENTS. In 1989, Denis Supersac was one of 4 employees at SAP AGTM head office to receive a special bonus for the high quality of his work which exceeded the expectations of his employer.

He performs the tasks of Chief Executive Officer and coordinates projects around the world.


James Kellogg

Communications Manager
American Projects Manager

Communications Manager, and with a degree in accounting and business administration, James Kellogg has enjoyed over 10 years of success in the fields of international project management and human resources management at major consulting firms including Accenture, Deloitte & Touche and Ernst & Young.
As a specialist in IT consulting and recruitment, he has built up a database of professional SAP consultantsTM in 70 countries.
He has managed numerous SAP projectsTM in Mexico, Brazil, Canada and the USA.

James is also responsible for conceptualisation as well as the development of strategic alliances.


Javier Gutiérrez Jiménez

European Projects Manager

Having graduated from the University of Grenada with a degree in translation and interpreting (English, French and Spanish), Javier Gutiérrez has worked since 1995 as project manager, editor and senior translator for major localisation firms.
Javier has taught technical translation and the use of translation tools at the University of Madrid. He has a wealth of experience in ERP, CRM and SCM applications (OracleTM, SAPTM, SiebelTM) and e-business (BroadVisionTM).
Experienced in managing complex projects involving over 20 project managers, he has overseen the translation of Microsoft Office XP in three languages while meeting the extremely tight deadlines of the world's leading software publisher.

At Software Translations, Javier oversees European projects and quality control.