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We are committed to three key features :

Quality, efficiency and security.

The number of translators we choose is dictated by the individual needs of your project. In order to ensure consistency with regard to terminology and style, the translators remain the same from start to finish.

For SAPTM implementation projects, adherence to the schedule is crucial to the project's success. Aware of the importance that our clients rightly attach to meeting deadlines, we always guarantee delivery of translations within the timeframe specified.

All our translators have experience of either the technology or the functionality of the SAPTM system.
They have participated in numerous documentation projects for global companies involving SAP AGTM products. 
All our experts - multilingual translators, IT consultants, engineers etc - specialise in one or several business areas (finance, production, sales, materials management, retail etc.). They translate exclusively from the foreign language into their mother tongue. In addition, our translations undergo a systematic and thorough revision.

Security is also one of our major concerns. All our contributors have signed confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements.
The confidential nature of your documents is further guaranteed by a sophisticated protection system : translations are protected by two passwords, there are daily checks of downloads and website access, and all PC's are backed up every day.