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« In SAPTM translation work, it is important to understand the system's processes and transactions as well as render terminology and jargon accurately in the target language. »

Hayley, English translator at Software Translations.

Software Translations has selected the most accomplished experts from all over the world who specialise in each of the SAPTM components. Most of our experts have worked DIRECTLY for SAPTM and can therefore boast considerable experience and ability.

Their expertise covers all components of the SAPTM system.

What's more, our experts all specialise in one or more business areas (finance, production, sales, materials management, retail, e-business solutions, CRM etc.)

We take care of your entire translation project from start to finish.

To ensure that our clients' projects are in line with the terminology of the SAPTM system, we use the terminology database created by SAP AGTM as well as take account of any company-specific glossaries that our clients may have.